Cast announced for “My Boy Jack”

Come and see this talented group of actors tell the heartbreaking true story surrounding the famous Kipling family during World War I. The show will open on Friday, April 25 and run for two weekends. For tickets, please call 740-474-5856.

ROBERT PERKINS – Rudyard Kipling
SUSAN PERKINS – Carrie Kipling
ANTHONY SEVER – John “Jack” Kipling
JENNY RHOADS – Elsie “Bird” Kipling
JUSTIN ATKINSON – Guardsman Bowe
RYAN HOLCOMB – Guardsman Doyle / Col. Rory Pottle / Mr. Frankland
JAREMIE HORN – Guardsman McHugh / Major Sparks

“My Boy Jack” Auditions

Auditions for Roundtown Players’ next production, “My Boy Jack,” will be held on March 2 and March 4 at 7:00 PM at Memorial Hall. This devastating play tells the story of Rudyard Kipling and his son, who goes to battle during World War I despite being rejected by the military for his impaired vision. This drama calls for a large cast to play a variety of characters.

“Murder Inn” Opening Weekend


You don’t want to miss Roundtown Players’ production of “Murder Inn” premiering this weekend. This dark comedy is filled with a very talented cast of characters who find themselves marooned at a battered hotel with a dark past. Can you solve the mystery before the bodies begin piling up?

Check out the Circleville Herald’s article below:

“Murder Inn” Auditions – This Weekend!


Everyone enjoys an exciting murder mystery, and now is your chance to be in one! On Sunday, December 15 and Monday, December 16 at 7:00 PM auditions will be held for the thrilling Murder Inn. This show requires a large cast of characters, who wind up as guests at a quaint New England haunted hotel, unaware that some of them will not be checking out.

“In the Wake of a Funeral” Opening Weekend!

“In the Wake of a Funeral” is an original comedy written and directed by Circleville’s own John Rankin. Inspired by true events, the show centers around Charles Lake, a funeral home director who commits fraud in order to appease his demanding wife and keep his business afloat. When the lies begin to grow and attract more attention, Charles scrambles to keep the gambit going. Come enjoy this hilarious show make its debut performances on December 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, and 21 at 8:00 PM and December 15 at 2:30 PM at Memorial Hall. Call 740-474-5856 for tickets!


If you are interested in ushering for any performance, please email for more information.

Auditions for “In the Wake of a Funeral”

Auditions will be held at Memorial Hall for the next Roundtown Players’ show on Sunday October 27 at 6:00 PM and Monday October 28 at 7:00 PM. “In the Wake of a Funeral” is an original play written by John Rankin, who will also direct. This comedy features a large adult cast, requiring 6 men and 4 women. The performance dates for the show’s debut run are December 6, 7, 13, 14, 20, and 21 at 8:00 PM and December 15 at 2:30 PM. Break a leg!

Pumpkin Show Parking

Coming to the Pumpkin Show and need a place to park? Support the Roundtown Players this year by parking in our lot! On Saturday, October 19, Roundtown Players will be hosting the parking lot at 111 Island Road. You not only get a parking spot that’s very close to downtown Circleville, but you also support Roundtown Players with your donation. We look forward to seeing you, and we hope you have a great time at the 107th Annual Pumpkin Show!


Operation: Dinner Theatre a Success


On Sunday, September 22, cast members entertained many with the comedic and suspenseful “Murder Came from Outer Space,” which was performed to a sold-out audience. With the help of several volunteers and the support of many downtown businesses (including the Pickaway Golf Course, which catered the event), Roundtown Players was able to raise enough funds to support its 2013-14 season.